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Welcome to the page.

2010-05-20 16:41:29 by pyroman544

I'd like to say welcome to the community! w00t

I really would like to help make a game or vid.....for anyone who needs some extra help.
I have made a few machinima's, including some stop motion stuff.
I also am average at photoshoping on Gimp and paint programs.
I can also work on microsoft movie maker, audacity (sounds), and cam studios


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2010-05-20 16:47:50

Thats cool! I actually have been doing voice over things recently so contact me if you ever need anything or just for fun! Welcome to Newgrounds!


2010-05-20 17:30:16

Hey, welcome!
Hmm, if I ever make a flash, or something, I might contact you, or maybe the other way around.


2010-05-21 18:46:44

Wellcome to NG :)